Take a look at the photo in above for a few moments and pay attention a little.

The sky is filled with clouds, grey clouds. It was quite gloomy, constant drizzle. A very mundane weather to be honest. But if you look closely at the picture, right in the center you can see a little glimmer of light piercing through. A little sun getting through that gloominess, the sadness. That little glimmer of sun is what want you to focus on.

When my brother died, I stopped believing. I stopped believing in the point of doing anything, the goodness in the world, the need to even exist. I think everyone must have gone through this. Incidents change our perspective. It does. But it’s not all incidents do. We experience life, we go through things, these experiences groom our personality, shape our outlook of life. The 6 months post my brother’s death, my perspective of life was “screw everything”. Now if you ask me what my perspective of life is, what I believe in? The answer isn’t a straight one but after believing in nothing for half a decade, and never using this word but to concisely answer the question, it’d be Hope.

I actually believe in the concept of hope now and my journey to it wasn’t easy and it was very complicated but I will share that as I find myself in the place to do so.

There’s no set rule to what you need to believe in. It can be teachings from scriptures, it can be words that you resonate with, it can be music you vibe with. It doesn’t matter what, but it matters that you do. That glimmer of light is believing.

It’s a beautiful concept. “Believing”
It’s a source of strength. It’s a pillar of support. It’s an escape from pain. Believing is important. It’s difficult at times yes, but it’s a fight worth fighting.
I asked a few people I know what they believe in and I loved their answers.
From talking about believing in yourself to be able to do things to believing in the concept of love, fate, destiny and hope.

When my world crashed , I didn’t know what to believe in. There are still days when I have my doubts. But I get through those days. I repeat onto better things to myself, I talk to my person, I don’t shut down.
I want ya’ll to do the same. Believe. It’s worth it.
Talk to your person on a bad day, because I can guarantee you one thing. Even if you don’t believe it’s going to get better, your person will believe enough for both of you till you get there too.

Like I said, I didn’t know what to believe in life post his death. But when life goes on and you find people like that. You might not know what exactly you believe in but hell it makes you believe in something.

It’s worth it. It’s worth believing. I hope you find something you can believe in.

Until next time.
Loads of love,

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