Hello you beautiful souls,

It took me years to get help for various reasons, one of which not knowing where to go or how to start.
When I asked you all, why haven’t you sought therapy or any form of professional help the majority of the votes were split between two reasons

  1. I cannot afford it.
  2. I don’t know where to go

I understand this sentiment all too well and I wanted to do something to help fix this. As for the first reason, I am still working on it but the second is something I could work out for y’all.

You can also find the link to this data base here.

This data base has resources for different Mental Health Services and Suicide hotlines for countries across the world.
A dedicated list of organizations that work with the LGBTQIA+ Community and Special Needs Organizations.

Please do take note, to the best of my ability I’ve tried to incorporate as many as I can and it’s very likely I’ve missed organizations.
I promise to continue to update this as I find more organizations.

But I hope is a starting point for your journey.

MindMatters aims to create a space and community where we take care of ourselves and others too.
This is a step towards that is all I can hope.

I hope this is something that can help.

Love and Light to all,

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