Accessing therapy should be a right but it’s unfortunately a luxury.

We’re trying to change that.

A step towards help is a dedicated set of interviews with therapists, mental health specialists and counselors breaking down what therapy is, what to expect from therapy and clearing up common misconceptions of therapy. It’s answering your questions that you’ve always wanted to ask them. This series is an attempt to bridge the gap between us and getting help.

This series aims to create a foundation to help understand how to get help and what to expect when you do.

We’re often so intimidated by the big words and the extreme technicalities in this field, we often shy away or we’ve been conditioned to think getting help is a sign of weakness. It is not. It never has and it will never be a sign of weakness.

If you’re trying to understand therapy, if you’re trying to understand yourself we hope this series will be just that, A step towards help.

If you’ve got questions for therapists but don’t have access to ask them, or if you’re just scared and want someone to ask them for you, let us know.
We’ll get you the answers.

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