Mental Health and Climate Change Panel with Start the Wave

Do you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by anxiety when you think about the climate crisis? Well if you do, you are not alone.

Across 5 different countries, we brought together individuals from different backgrounds but there was one thing that connected everyone- the drive to create positive change.

I’ve felt a deep sense of fear with the world and it’s happenings
Everyday this Anxiety built up and I struggled to understand it.
This conversation is an attempt at figuring out those feelings.

Mental Health, Sexuality & Faith Panel

Our complicated relationship with religion and sexuality has often been a source of religious trauma, internalized homophobia, isolation, and loss of safety and security. Many LGBTQIA2S+ people are taught to believe that they must denounce religion if they wish to live as their wholly authentic selves. This inner conflict between religious identity, sexual orientation, and gender identity has serious impacts on an individual’s mental and emotional well being, often leading to destructive behaviors or self-loathing. This panel aims to explore the ways in which religion and sexuality are compatible, to validate the experiences of all those who have navigated this journey, and to offer hope for people of all faiths, and no faith, as we work towards building a more welcoming and supportive community that creates space for the complexity of our inter sectional identities. Our diversity of panelists will include nonprofit and faith leaders, medical professionals, chaplains, and individuals who navigated their own personal journey with sexuality and faith.

Rhythmic connections Campaign with Creative Being

The Rhythmic Connections campaign is an attempt to create a digital library of sorts where we can reach out for different forms of art to help us navigate our emotions.
A lot of us out there use art as an anchor and we wanted to created a shared space where we all could reach out for.

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